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Warm-Up (No Measure)


10 Alt. Samson Lunges

10 Alt. Bird Dogs

10 SLOW Alt. Cossack Squats

5 Scap Push-Up to Pike

5 Cat Cows



2-3 ROUNDS (Time Permitting)

:45 Cardio Choice

10 Push-Ups (Knees or Toes)*

8 KB Deadlifts

6 KB Around the Worlds

4/4 KB Goblet Reverse Lunges

*Complete 7 HR Push-Ups on RND 2-3.

Workout – All

AMRAP x 21 MINUTES (No Measure)

2:00 Cardio Choice

8/8 KB Suitcase Split Squat (Athlete Choice)

12 Russian KB Swings

2:00 Cardio Choice

8/8 Single Arm KB Floor Press

12 Hand Release Push-Ups

(No Measure)

Optional Cool Down

2-3 SETS FOR QUALITY (No Measure)

10/10 Wrist Nerve Glides*

5/5 Single Leg Prone Leg Lift Stretch**

10 SLOW Alt. Bird Dogs

-Rest as Needed b/t Sets-

*Place an outstretched arm against the wall or post on the rig, with palm against the surface and fingers pointed down. Slowly lower head away from the arm. Hold for :03-:05 then release.

**Lying face down, bend one knee to 90 degrees. Lift thigh off ground while squeezing the glutes. Hold for :03-:05 before lowering.

(No Measure)

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