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Perform the NCFIT Performance workout with the following goals and/or adjustments…

GOAL: 1-2 Sets tops on the 20 T2B, UB on the set of 10. The run is to let our arms recover but don’t turn this into a slog so we can work on practicing T2B while breathing heavy.


FOR TIME* (Time)

50 Slam Ball Walking Lunges (30/20)

40 Slam Ball Ground to OH

30 Slam Ball Box Step Ups (20)

20 D-Ball Squats (150/100)

10 D-Ball Over Shoulder

*Slam Ball cannot be held below the chest height for the Lunges or Step Ups.

(Score is Time)
GOAL: RPE 8 | Time to go BALL-istic! We’re moving with Slam Ball. Goal is to fatigue the body and then hit the D-Ball at the end under all that fatigue


3 SETS (Time)

1000m Row

-Rest 3:00 b/t Sets-

(Score is Slowest Set)
GOAL: RPE 7 | Focus here is technique. We want to see consistent strokes and fluid motion from start to finish. Full rest b/t sets to recover. We should be able to stay consistent each round.

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